I believe in being honest, Bill.

I was wooed by a local vendor to use them and I did.

I thought it would help me a lot on “special” orders – as I could simple drive over to their plant and see my projects.

However, they cannot supply me with the service that WYLD provides.

So, I am humbly returning with my hat in my hands.

I should have followed the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”


“I have also used Wyld and they do a great job.”


“i just ordered a large banner from bill @ Wyld Grand Format (wyldgfi.com) and it was good quality, good pricing, excellent service and fast shipping/turnaround time. Highly recommend him!”

Just Me

“I’ve had many problems with Signs365, and I have since stopped using them (last order was over 2 years ago). There is a reason they are so inexpensive, and its not worth the headache. On the flip side, I’ve ordered from both Typestries and WYLD GFI, and have had nothing but excellent service and turn around.”


You are a pleasure to work with and a man of his word.  Thanks

Steve V.

Congratulations Bill!  Looking forward to working with you in the future.

Claudia E

Congratulations on your Anniversary & many more good years to come!!!!

Mary A

Congratulations Bill!

I definitely appreciate your service and business. Thank you for every you and your team

does for us and wish you much success in the many many many years to come!

Alcides A

Very Nice Bill!  Time to refocus, re-commit and take aim! Have a great year,

Michael R

My Man!  Thanks Bill.

You all are an A+++!!

David S.